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Crew Management  
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   Crew Management
This department undertakes following functions:








Manning of vessels of foreign principals with multinational officers & Indian ratings. All Crew / Officers speak English.
Stringent selection of qualified & experienced young ships officers and ratings for all types of vessels in compliance with ITF approved agreements & STCW conventions.
Prior ship joining, stringent medical examination of floating staff meeting all requirements of ILO standards are conducted by a highly qualified team of doctors keeping in mind risks of alcohol/drug abuse, aids, heart attacks. In addition in order to avoid claims on account of hospitalization of crew, onboard ships masters monitor & report health condition of crew at frequent intervals.
Company has a strict Drug and Alcohol policy in place.
Arrangement of quality training programs for all floating staff.
Arrangement of approved pre-sea training courses for deck-cadets.
Arrangement of approved marine engineering foundation courses for engineer cadets.
Arrangement of training and qualification of new seamen in approved marine academy.
Arrangement of "safety awareness on board" programs for floating staff prior to their vessel joining & follow up control by means of checklists     and visits to vessels by safety inspectors.
Conducting ship shore frequent mockdrills for tackling emergency situations of various types.
Give priority to food standard, crew amenities onboard, timely connecting crew mail to ships, keeping floating staff on board ships well informed     about world happenings & welfare of their families, timely payments to families on monthly basis on behalf of floating staff.
Monitor performance of floating staff onboard by means of elaborate confidential service reports which are furnished to office from time to time by     heads of department and visiting superintendents. This assists in filtering of good hands and retaining them in the fleet on permanent basis.
All travel arrangements of floating staff are made from Mumbai as far as possible both for ship joining/ship disembarking staff. Cost of tickets / PTA are carefully monitored. All staff changes are planned in advance for the ports which are nearest to Mumbai in order to cut down crew costs.

Crew Selection
'SSS' follows a stringent and consistent policy of recruiting right people.  Our assessment of competence, knowledge, conduct, attitude, leadership, judgement, common sense &  safety awareness during pre – selection and crew final engagement process is based on discreet findings by our efficient crew department as well as on our computer software output.  Prior engagement  all certificates of candidates required as per STCW ’95 convention are properly authenticated from relevant authorities.

Crew Performance Management
While on board an overview of performance of our shipboard workforce is obtained from vessel basis quarterly appraisal reports as well assessment by our visiting superintendents.  A combined performance measurement assists us in addressing competence, leadership, honesty, staff satisfaction / commitment levels and these inputs are utilized to plan ahead quickly to further improve upon performance of on - board team.

Our aim always has been to build up our own strength of competent/efficient & loyal floating staff (officers and ratings) by means of our way of training & grooming. With years of hard work we have now achieved this goal by recruiting & training deck/engine cadets, seamen, giving them proper approved training and educating them to qualify in all examinations/courses as required by all relevant authorities/conventions of shipping industry. We are now proud to declare that we have a large database of qualified Indian officers & ratings who are so well groomed that they will come up to the expectations of any principal's requirements. Above all irrespective of our floating staff employed under ITF wage scales, our close monitoring of overtime hours of crew give a healthy figure of wage budget as compared to other companies.

Our advantages which other foreign shipping companies are deprived of: Due to the fact that all services of technical/fleet personnel/ commercial management are being conducted under one roof at Mumbai, Indian floating staff reports to Mumbai office prior to their vessel joining/sign off. This has developed a strong bond and understanding between the shore based staff & floating staff. All floating staff prior to their vessel joining has proper interaction & briefing with concerned superintendent during which meetings, all deficiencies of the vessel are highlighted and proper guidance & checklists are handed over to senior staff so that day to day ship/shore follow-up is efficient.

(Learning is like eating food.  It is not how much you eat that matters, what counts is how much you digest.)

Proper Training is necessary at each and every level.  Then only can one expect good work output from a person.  Our familiarization and training programmes are conducted in - house and emphasize on (safety + maintenance) or better call it “SAFE MAINTENANCE”.  Our in – house training team comprise of HR Executives, Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Company’s Medical Practitioner.  Our training is not based only on lectures but on questions and answers.  We train staff not only for awareness but fitness to perform onboard ships.  We keep a close touch with onboard monitoring team which also plays a very important role to make our training programme a potential power.  We have a suggestion scheme on board through which onboard staff give practical suggestions to carry out safe maintenance.

Our Company plays an important role in giving latest information on happenings in maritime world to onboard staff so that their knowledge can be upgraded for compliance. 

Through our training policy, we seek the following objectives:
•   To enhance the quality of service to customers.
•   To familiarize all shore and sea-staff with their working environments and encourage safe and efficient working practices and procedures.
•   To familiarize sea-staff with their ship and its equipment, machinery and systems.
•   To prepare for routine operations and for carrying out shipboard maintenance and surveys.
•   To prepare for emergencies which may involve hazard to life, property and the environment.
•   To encourage personnel to update their knowledge and understanding.
•   To encourage personnel to up-grade their qualifications and develop their careers.

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