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   Organization Structure

Shivang Sehgal, a young Entrepreneur with background of Shipping family, expertise in information technology, finance & marketing is responsible for establishment of the Company in the year 1999.

As we all know and have experienced, it’s a different world we live in today. Gone is the customer with the few, understated needs. Pricing, product innovation, quality and operational excellence are just not enough. It was then we embarked on our great customer journey. We placed our customer within the centre of our universe and looked at ways by which we could gain a holistic view of our family of customers, understand their requirements, even anticipate them and finally deliver what they wanted.

Shivang Sehgal

Our voyage towards customer responsiveness was fraught with challenges. We had to learn and unlearn and based on our own personal experiences, create a strategy that would help us get close to the customers that use our services. We have made customer responsiveness our business philosophy, a competency area and aligned all aspects of the business to deliver on this parameter. We aspire to be the most trusted partners of our customers.

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