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Ship Supply Management  
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   Ship Supply Management

There is a constant growth in Shipmanagement business by third parties. Office maintenance and ship operating costs are on the rise. There is an acute shortage of Marine Manpower for ships as well as for shipmanagement offices. Day by Day regulatory pressure are mounting. Customers are more and more demanding.

The need of the hour for a shipmanager is to widen their service options and opt for “out-sourcing” a part of their in-house services (related to paper work) to specialists who believe in transparency, confidentiality and involvement of the client.

Supreme Shipping Services, a mature Company is at your door step for “Your Support” and to bridge the gap between our perception and your expectation. Our Company has all the expertise to deliver this confidential, cost advantage service. Our delivery system will reduce you service related pressures and your technical team can perform more actively for other important vital operational issues.

The success of our service based on ‘Partnership Approach’ will be a result of the combination of your positive & mature attitude, trust in us and our commitment for efficient management of the service.

Supreme Shipping Services, during the last decade has identified new unexplored supply points who cater to supply of marine products and has built a broad base for supply network thus reducing dependence on any one market. We understand that shipping is a demanding and discerning market and the customers are very cut & clear and are open about their operating margins.

Our web-based technology offerings are organized into following services.

•   Supply of Deck / Engine / Saloon Stores
•   Supply of LSA / FFA Equipments
•   Supply of hatchcover spares & tapes
•   Supply of anodes
•   Supply of anchor chains
•   Supply of spares (New and Reconditioned)
•   Hatchcovers repairs & Supervision in drydock

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